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  1. Should be obvious to see because automatic transmissions will show the currently selected gear somewhere in the dash while a CVT doesn't. ATs usually also have a manual mode.
  2. Some CVTs fake the sensation of gears. I know the Honda Civic had such a feature for example. It would just clumb through the revs and then jump back down for no mechanical reason just so it sounds and feels like a real gear shift. Some people might also mistake a CVT shifting gears because especially with lower torque ones they tend to jump to higher revs if you want to accelerate as they need the revs to make any kind of power and then quickly rev down again to get into a more efficient RPM range. That jump up could be mistaken for a down-shift and conversely the jump down in revs could be mistake for an up-shift.
  3. Who is cherry picking here? The people who focus on a single quarter or the people who take into consideration the broader context and longer timeframes?
  4. Completely misleading title and article. The UK had a much more massive decline the quarter before and are now on a rebound. The EU declined less so doesn't need a rebound of that size. Remember Growth is always relative. If you look at longer timeframes then the UK is massively lagging behind the EU. That's not from some EU source but the UK parliament. I hope the UK can step up its game. *looking awkwardly at Germany*. Source https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/sn02784/
  5. Just a nitpick but it's Chrome, not Google. Or Google Chrome. But Google itself usually refers to the search engine not the browser. Might help in the future if you have some issue and are... googling for an answer 🙂
  6. What an absolutely heart-stopping ordeal! The way that tiger cub turned the peaceful village of Bang Pakong into a scene from a horror movie is beyond belief! The villagers must have been terrified out of their wits, with a wild beast roaming their streets in the dead of night. The chaos and panic must have been overwhelming. Hats off to Deputy Inspector Pongphop Kudhom and the brave rescue team for facing such a ferocious beast with unparalleled courage. Their bravery and quick action in confronting the tiger and protecting the community are truly commendable. The scene outside house number 12/2 must have been sheer pandemonium, with everyone in disbelief at the sight of the tiger. This incident is a stark reminder of nature's unpredictable fury and the bravery required to face it. It's incredible how the rescue workers and police officers managed to subdue the tiger despite the danger. This will definitely be a story told for generations, a tale of terror and heroism that the people of Bang Pakong will never forget.
  7. It's trivial to make the AI not use such bombastic tone. Really, you literally can tell it to "tone it down a bit" or "keep it more factual" or whatever and it's a done deal. If this stays the "new normal" for the news section then I'll skip it entirely as I suspect most intelligent readers that value their time will do. What will be left is anyones guess.
  8. Dealers are the wrong place for such restrictions. They can sell to people who don't even have a valid license and that's totally fine. Licenses are the permission to ride on public roads. Companies can also buy bikes and companies can't have licenses. I know no dealer in Thailand who would hesitate to sell a bike to someone unexperienced. I have bought 5 bikes here and not once was my experience any talking point. And that's fine.
  9. Best example why cc is a stupid measure because any modern liter sports bike with less than half the cc will fly past that thing like it's a tractor with an anchor. Power is a much better metric. As mentioned Thailand already produces bikes that are compatible with EU rules which have the A2 license where a bike must not produce more than 47HP and must not produce more than 95HP when unrestricted. Another killer for cc based regulations are of course electric bikes which have zero cc.
  10. The one who asks people on a forum to lay out each and every fact of the trial. The one who asks for statutes. The one who hasn't bothered to read the indictment or charges but asks others to present them. The one using "Trump deranged". And the one who calls people names. You.
  11. Don't bother, Yagoda is a troll. Asking for someone to lay out a case against Trump on a topic about a case being run against Trump...
  12. Try to see if you can call or email the local embassy that handles the application. They didn't answer because he found no email to contact them and didn't provide any reason in the rejection email (which one cannot answer to as it's a no-reply address).
  13. WTF? The AI is going mad. A tragic event of a young woman dying and Thaiger/AseanNow can't be bothered to write a proper article. For shame.
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