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  1. You are allowed to transfer the shots, e.g. sell it to someone, just got to check out what the hospital requires when transferring it to be sure to be sure as Paddy would say. Alternatively if you think you will receive it in the new year say around March/April, maybe worth a booster ? I will be waiting to see when I get the call to go in and then play it by ear, sister-in-law is keen to buy it, so I am not to worried about losing the dosh and if she gets something else at the same level, e.g. Pfizer which I doubt, I will just see if I can postpone the shot as a booster
  2. I'm pretty sure they can bring those watching from batch 2 or 3 forward to take my place and me there's, if I can only reschedule for a month, then the sister-in-law can cough up 3,300 baht and get her 1st of two jabs and I can hunt down a vaccine, hopefully Pfizer in March/April if required as a booster.
  3. I don't see a problem with that, either my sister-in-law will go instead of me, money back in my pocket, or reschedule for batch 3 probably March/April and if the data suggests I need it, then I can get it then, if the data suggests otherwise, then the sister-in-law can get it, if she still needs it.
  4. I don't think a lot of batch 1 people will reject them. You will however see only those farangs who got 2 Pfizer doses and who paid for Moderna beforehand will now, more than likely sell their two Moderna doses, i.e. transfer the two doses to someone else as the FDA only a couple of days ago approved the booster shot as a half dose (50%) of whatever they were jabbing people with. If I sold my Moderna doses to my sister-in-law for example, I could then purchase a booster at the reduced dose in say 6-12 months time as I am sure there will be enough available vaccine doses
  5. Reminds me of a party I was at and the story a friends cousin (female) told us, she was a Dr at the emergency section of a hospital, anyways there were 3 Dr's at this party and they were all telling their stories. She almost won hands down, anyways she said this guy came in at around 2am, he was wearing a trench coat and yelling to the nurses, no, no, I have to see a Dr, she walks over and says yes, I am a Dr, can I help you and he says, get it off, please, get it off after opening his trench coat to her, OMG, I haven't eating chicken since. Won't tell the other Dr's st
  6. As David Shield are the only insurer that I know of who will actually cover my pre-existing condition, I will stick with them as it's cost for the premium vs the outlay/benefit suites my situation thanks.
  7. If your doing 6 months here and 6 months there, your still a resident and can claim. Perhaps I should have been clearer, e.g. if you an non-resident lodging a tax return you can negatively gear your losses against the property, i.e. your still making an income, on the other hand, if you are not lodging a tax return as most expats do because they are not working and making an income, then those losses can be rolled over until such a time that the property is sold and will be sorted out then, in other words, you can't claim the loss, because it will eventually be paid in the end.
  8. I hit a 4 in one...... and almost died from a heart attack. True story.
  9. Yep, Know Hua Hin well and property prices are not on the rise IMO. As soon as I started reading it, sounded like an add as if it was on the move, I would know, as I have my nose in the air waiting to catch that smell.
  10. I have to be honest, 2 out of the 3 of them are great, friendly, chatty, but one has a long face and picky. I always take the wife, she is not one to take $hit from him and has even said to him in front of the other 2, you are the only one that has made us do extra stuff, the others are so much better than you, they even smile, and they are more relaxed, both laughing as they were sitting right next to him. He then replied, I don't change the rules, head office does, then handed the wife some docs and said maybe next time you come you will have to bring more documents. With my wife
  11. Rural immigration office, same I/O's (3) only had a couple of changes in 6 years, easy to delete and add a line on the word doc and then save it as a PDF again.
  12. If you have that much, spoil yourself rotten, but don't forget to give the kids a leg up with a deposit on a property or something like that where they won't pi$$ it up against the wall.
  13. All this while Thai's are going hungry..............nothing surprises me with this lot, shameful, absolutely shameful. I would also hate to think how many vaccines that money could pay for to save people's lives which appear to be worth nothing here.
  14. IMHO the marriage extension is just as easy as the retirement extension if you have your papers in order, same thing applies, bank letter, statements, photos, a map and a couple of other docs. The immigration officers don't like it because there work gets checked on, simple as that, whereas the retirement extension doesn't get checked so they can relax. I like you, sign the docs well before I go and I am in and out within 30-45 minutes, being the 1st cab of the rank when they open up. Those that complain that it is too difficult are more than likely unorgani
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