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  1. Only if it were that easy. 1) Don't have accommodation 2) Cost approx $2,100 AUS OR 50,400 Baht for a weeks accommodation (home quarantine) where we would normally stay, Air BnB, hotels far more expensive as would require two rooms vs a furnished 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment. 3) The winter is when we want to be there, i.e. June/July/August, smack in the middle would be the preferred so that we can take the kids to the snow this time around. I would imagine the 7 days would be lifted by then, if not, then we will have to wait another year or go
  2. I am, even retirees need holidays overseas as well as domestically, otherwise what would a retiree do, sit on their a$$ all day drinking Chang or Leo, not this one mate, he is enjoying life.
  3. SELFISH !!! If they had done their research and listened to the science/data, booster shots are not really required. They say that whilst the antibodies wane, we have memory T & B cells that will take over if infected. Boosters they say should only be given to those with immunocompromised immune systems, the elderly and those with underlying conditions. Boosters are only really good for increasing the antibodies if you want to avoid catching for example, the flu or a cold as the vaccines already protect you, so all one will be doing with a booster is avo
  4. I love free range eggs, so I whip up some eggs benedict with some Himalayan salt and black pepper gently sprinkled over and add some black pitted Kalamata olives & sliced Feta cheese to the side with some tomatoes, sometimes I might throw in some crushed almonds or will add some well done crispy, not burnt bacon. Black coffee and a bottle of water with electrolyte power added to sip on as I am eating, then drop a bucket load of supplements when I am done.
  5. Good luck to yah & safe travels. I am waiting for Australia to lift the one week home quarantine rule for fully vaccinated Ozzie's before I even consider returning as that would cut our holiday into 2.
  6. Personally I don't see anything wrong with this and believe that every country should insist that anyone, not only travelling to Thailand, that anyone entering any country have either travel or health insurance especially for those staying as per their visa, either travel or health insurance, common sense if you ask me. In other words, why should the tax payer take the brunt of paying the cost for those uninsured and who just don't care. Alternatively they pay a levy entering that country that goes into a fund for hospitalised tourists so that the tax payer doesn't have to pay. Tho
  7. In my opinion, do absolutely nothing, continue with the build as irritating as it is, I say this because it sounds to me that his business won't last long being where I imagine it is and with music blaring. Hopefully I am right and she shuts shop by the time you move in.
  8. If you scrolled down on the link that I provided you with, you would have seen the Facebook, Twitter etc buttons to click on, i.e. it wasn't on Facebook as you suggested as Asean Now also provided the link where they got it from, anyways, whatever, a little trigger happy clicking on 3 times = 3 email notifications to me of the same reply.
  9. Two sides of a coin. Will your country allow you back in unvaccinated, if you wanted to return or had to return ? To answer your question, you have to comply with all the restrictions and costs associated with them, then you still have the daily numbers of the infected, I believe 10,000 or so per day, but I would add to that, so if you believe Covid won't affect your health for personal reasons, come on down, not much happening here.
  10. These guys never cease to amaze me, mixing vaccines like cocktails, just give everyone two doses of the same vaccine, even if that means them waiting longer for the second dose, as they say the longer you leave it the better the results.
  11. That is just over 1% in 7 months, if you believe the statistics, what about those that die in villages, no autopsy, just cremate them in the temple, problem sorted. But what did they die of, old age, drink to muk, same, same, no Covid.
  12. Do you honestly think that this would make news overseas, scores of people get caught for overstay in other countries, nothing to brag about, i.e. unless your xenophobic.
  13. Um, ok, so what did he do that caused Thailand to be unsafe for 349 days while he overstayed. How much did he spend while he was here in those 349 days, not very bright are they. I see, this is to justify the cost of the BMW's....
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