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  1. I went to the Mariot with about a dozen others on Valentines Day, 2004, showed up at 1100 and we spent the whole day, ate till we dropped, and got snickered on free champagne, wine, whiskey you name it............There was also an Indian Resturant, Queen's Tandoor that had a super sized Buffet, all you can eat for one price .................... Those were the days. - I wonder if Block M is still open??
  2. My Uncle was a Carnie in Rocky Point Carnniville, Warwick, Rhode Island - he always said his job was to separate you from your money as fast as he could, legally, and without force - that man was so convincing, he could sell a refrigerator to someone on the North Pole. .............. Fleecing visitors has been going on for centuries.............. Peace
  3. Friend of mine arrived last night from Dubai, took PCR at airport, was called this morning, negative, he hit the bricks in Bangkok this afternoon............easy peasy when you have the Thailand Pass, and he did it all on-line from West Africa. His only complaint was having to buy the Thai Insurance since he has adequate insurance from US. Peace
  4. True, I have lived in both Cambodia and Indonesia, couple years each - Thailand has nothing on Indonesia when it comes to smoke - was so bad, many evacuated to Singapore one year - couldn't breath. Cambodia burns everything, you name it, goes up in flames, smokes everyone out. Peace
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