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  1. Lack of private hospitals is problem for the SS scheme upcountry. Our maid retired back home and we kept her in the SS scheme through our small company as she wants to build up enough contributions for a few more years to qualify for that pension which is material for her. At first she thought she would have to give up the SS to get her regular diabetes treatment at the local government hospital but eventually she found a solution closer than she thought. I don't really understand how it works for SS members in those rural areas. Most small employers are in the black economy but there are l
  2. There were some posts about this a while back. It can be done, although not a big deal, if you don't do it on time. If you want to claim something from them in future, you will probably need to have your ID card no. match your SS no. You are not allowed to be on both. You have to get out of the SS system if you want to be on 30 baht. The hospital is able to check online to make sure they are not giving 30 baht treatment to SS members. Who knows if they will make the match, if you don't change your SS number though. I have not made use of either scheme but I believe the SS sys
  3. Amongst those who have seen this type of proposal before - i) the 1999 Land Code amendment allowing foreigners to buy land on conditions that could never be met and ii) and the original Elite Card offering a nominee structure to buy land - there is a healthy degree of skepticism about the likelihood of this reform ever getting done in a way that could work, given the huge opposition from nearly all Thais. Having said that I was surprised that it got as far as cabinet approval which shows the decision makers in the cabiet were convinced the overall visa proposals might really result in a huge
  4. I have found a FB entry for a medical doctor of the same name of the Brit who lost his nationality in 2004 working at a missionary hospital in Chiang Rai. That could figure for someone who might have been born in Thailand to foreign missionary parents and automatically got Thai nationality at birth and then came back to work in Thailand himself. There is not much on him though and nothing to confirm that he was born in Thailand or about his nationality. Doctor is not one of the professions reserved for Thai nationals but they need to pass an exam in Thai which he probably could, if he had to p
  5. And you can now sit with an air of detached smugness listening to farangs complaining about syphilis tests and 90 day reporting etc. Congrats.
  6. Let's hope that the sinister minister doesn't make a quick comeback from his recent political setback and won't end up getting his coveted interior portfolio. We should bear in mind that the post-coup years under Gen Anuphong brought a return to the greater transparency and streamlining of the citizenship and PR processes of the pre-Thaksin era. Once politicians get control of the MoI again, the processes will most likely be upended and revert to what they became from 2000 to 2014 with applications disappearing into a black hole and 5-8 year waits normal which was probably what the MoI bureau
  7. 555. I know exactly what you are talking about. Even in the post Soviet era with bullet trains the system in Russia is still the same. Found myself negotiating with a Soviet era woman as large as a house, who could only speak a couple of words of English, seated behind a small window in the ticket office at Moscow railway station, trying to get our pre-booked tickets to St Petersburg with not much time to go before the train left. She seemed to be raising all kinds of BS excuses in Russian not to hand over the tickets and finally obviously came up the idea of no visa in the Thai passport wh
  8. I would assume that was a coincidence but, even if it were intentional, it could revert to norm, if new people took over at MoI and/or RG. I can't think of any logical reason why a 12 month wait at that stage should be made mandatory but logic is not always a predominant characteristic in this process.
  9. Congrats. I have never bothered to change my driving license or tell them I changed my nationality to Thai. The license already had my 8 prefix ID number I got with PR and it doesn't specify nationality. So I couldn't be bothered. It is a lifetime license, so it's been a few years now. I guess it has my nationality in the magnetic strip, if that actually works. I think I will just leave it like that, unless I lose it or they revoke lifetime licenses which has sometime been threatened. I think PRs who got 5 year licenses after they received PR and have their correct Thai ID numbers on th
  10. I don't think there is a set time after oath taking. I think first of all the list just sits in someone's in tray waiting to be signed for sending to the RG. Then once there they tend to sit on it for some time which you can see from the gap between signing the order and publication date in the RG which can be up to 5 months but that is very unusual. It is more likely 2-3 months. In the case of a coup they can publish a new constitution in the RG the very next day.
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