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  1. spokesperson for pfizer now says that their vaccine loses its efficacy within 6 months and they are now working on a booster or stronger vaccine. As for other vaccines, all are waiting to see how they go as they are new vaccines and haven't gone through all the normal years' long testing before approval. In the US they only have emergency use approval, not fully approved by FDA yet.
  2. In addition to the requirement for home country address/cell phone etc. the banks in Thailand and the other countries SHARE you bank account info. As for US that means they can easily check your FBAR to ensure you are truthful. When they changed to this now program I had to change my Bangkok Bank account and needed to provide my social security number so that they could report the account activity.
  3. The UK is part of the same justice Dept group that the US belongs to. They started a new program to "control money laundering", bank fraud, etc and originally I read that they had 54 countries in the group. The US cancelled all bank accounts of Americans with no permanent US address. I had the same bank account for 50 years and it was cancelled as I sold all my US properties when I retired to Thailand. Fortunately there are two US banks that allow one to have a foreign address so that was finally resolved successfully. I have noted from folks here that don't
  4. If you are linguistically talented, speak, read, write Thai, English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese then you would be able to find something making probably more than 80K baht a month. My daughter will graduate this coming year and has studied Mandarin for 5 years and this year AP Mandarin, is self-taught in Korean (tested through levels I and II of phase I and Level 3 of the Korean proficiency test) and is now starting to study Japanese probably online. She is a native speaker, reader, writer, etc of Thai and English already. She however, wants to leave Thailand behind and move on to richer t
  5. problem is in the states and western nations that have vaccines, there are too many idiots running around without getting the FREE and READILY AVAILABLE everywhere including vehicle drive by to one's house. On top of that, senior Republican figures are not encouraging their followers to get vaccinated as they want to keep the current government in hot water. Another problem that too many are ignoring is that children under 12 still cannot be vaccinated and since many of their parents and some teachers aren't vaccinated (although some vaccinated still can get the virus) are bringing it home a
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