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  1. No, no, no... I haven't had to run my A/C for a week now and I'm still wearing T-Shirts and Sport Shorts around the house. I love this weather. Sadly, after calling Thailand home for 24 yrs and living in 'our' house for 16, I'm probably going to leave and go back to work. There is no work for me here, anymore...
  2. I'm vaccinated so I don't worry about them who are not "following the rules". I wear my mask to make you feel better and to prevent the Thais from labeling 'nasty'.
  3. I'd go back to 2009... HaHa-55. I had a very good job, good money, traveled often enough and 'really' thought I could be there for 10-15 more years.
  4. There were, of course, evil people then, but I think it's much worse now and, yes, the cheap cost of communication created a monster.
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