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  1. Science is about who agrees with you.. majority.. hmm.. that's how it works.. 🤣
  2. No, there are literally thousands of scientists that agree with them.
  3. Im not a "science" guy, but a "computer" guy Watch this presentation: They are scientists, not great presenters. But their science is spot on. https://www.ceres-science.com/
  4. Yea, the US is a tiny country with a local climate.. Haha. What about the little ice age? Why do they try to hide that as well? You are delusional. But hey, believe what you want. Co2 is the main driver of the climate, not the glowing ball in the sky, the clouds in the sky, or the axial tilt.. 😂
  5. Doesn't matter who he is or was. Its just the raw data is still on his website, and deleted from GISS website, to hide previous warming. This is all confirmed in the leaked emails. I don't claim there is no warming. Same as I don't deny there was warming in the 1930, much more than today.
  6. Yea, the auto-gates worked like a charm. Now my passport is full of stamps again, and I probably have to get a new one asap..
  7. That graph is not based on measurements alone. It's based on modelling. Models that takes Co2 into account. Unfortunately those models do not coincide with actual temperature data.. This is proven over and over again. That's why the graphs are "accidentally" coincide with increased Co2 in the atmosphere (who would believe that!!?). The measured USHCN daily temperature data shows a decline in US temperatures since the 1930s. But before they release it to the public, they put it thorough a series of adjustments which change it from a cooling trend to a warming trend. You can see that by comparing their numbers from 20 years ago, to current numbers. They are removing the hot years around 1930's. You can download the numbers here: http://www.john-daly.com/usatemps.006 The original data has been deleted from the GISS web site..
  8. Where does this intense warming occur? Are you referring to this years El Niño?
  9. I got a similar response. I basically asked if I could apply for Auto-gate again, and they replied in Thai (translated by me) "because of the new system, they still cannot do it". 😞
  10. The rainy season arrived this year on May 10th, which is late, and led to high temperatures. But in the "disaster year" of 2010, the rainy season came even later, on May 12th. There was news about coral bleaching in 2010. It was great concern then. It could take up to four years for the coral reef to return to its usual self. There are many research centers that have reports on coral bleaching. In several places, this number "four years" is cited. A report that seems unbiased comes from the University of California. It states that a coral reef was 90 percent recovered after one year and fully restored after two years. https://scripps.ucsd.edu/news/central-pacific-coral-reef-shows-remarkable-recovery-despite-two-warm-water-events This study comes from coral reefs that have no significant human activity nearby. It takes longer if there is human activity. But then the problem is not the temperature, but rather things like overfishing and pollution. The article refers to a record temperature of 32.73 degrees, according to the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources in Thailand. But that's a peak measurement. In 2010, on May 12th, a temperature of 32.09 was reported by Ramkhamhaeng University. But that was an average of various measurements. Today we see from various sources that the temperature in the sea around Thailand is down again, around 30 degrees. There was significant coral bleaching in Thailand in 1991. But also smaller cases in 1995, 1998, 2003, 2005, and 2008, according to the Phuket Marine Biological Center. After the "disaster year" in 2010, there was coral bleaching again in 2016. The bleaching is related to the weather phenomenon El Niño, which had its maximum effect in Thailand this year, but which is now expected to subside, making way for La Niña. Then it will be cooler and more rainy.
  11. I used the auto-gates pre covid. I will travel again on the 9th of May. I will go ask at the counter to see if its possible again.
  12. Absolute rubbish. Learn to speak Thai like a Thai, and you will see new doors open. Most of the time its just a language barrier.
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