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  1. I am looking for 3 older UK series: Cutting It; Hearts and Bones; Cold Feet. Any thoughts on if/where I can find? Not seen them in the "common" places... Thanks!! Edit: did find Cold Feet S06 and 07 on PB...
  2. Apparently you have no concept of how structural engineering works. Say the pool is on top of a 20 story building. 100 tonnes of water on the 20th floor. Next door is a 30 story building. Average of 250 tonnes of concrete to form each of the 10 floors above the 20th... or 2.5 million tonnes of concrete safely supported above the 20th story pool on the building next door. Structural engineering accounts for the weight. It's pretty simple.
  3. Hmmm... a cubic metre of concrete weighs 2.5 times what a cubic metre of water weighs. Without leaks, high story pool is no issue whatsoever.
  4. At this point there is no global QR code. Each country has its own app.
  5. Feeling the opposite. Old folks are set in their anti LGBTQ and misogynistic ways... younger folk should know better.
  6. Daily swimmer in the Gulf for 8 yrs. Mainland south of Samui. Previously weekly swimmer for 7 yrs in Phuket, Nai Harn area. Worst affect was swimmers ear yrs ago. I have psoriasis and often have open wounds.
  7. Seems like you are asking if anyone has a crystal ball... a letter to the marine authorities may be more helpful.
  8. Whose decisions? Governments? If so, no need to state the patently obvious... Individuals? Why would an informed individual make a political decision? Doctors and researchers? Nope.
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