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  1. Yup. This is what happens when you legitimise military coups to disrupt the democratic process and remove elected governments. Thailand has only ever paid lip service to democracy, the same old cronies are still in power albeit under a different name and with different allegiances. Now that ties with China are getting stronger we will see further erosion of democratic principles and less concern about appearances for the West. We are moving rapidly backwards here, from the late 90's and early 00's Hacylon days.
  2. This place is open all the time, even on Buddha days and elections, and has been open pretty much every day since the start of the COVID lockdowns. Most of the customers are nearby residents.
  3. Same as everywhere I have been early, before the crowds. Sihanoukville in the late 90's, early 00's was a similar paradise. Now completely ruined by the Chinese.
  4. You need to study harder than that I'm afraid. The original word comes from the Sanskrit for the Franks, meaning white person, and has been transliterated into other languages including Khmer and Malay. The word for the French in Thai is Farangset. The definition you provided is evidently wrong as foreigners, including Japanese, Chinese, Burmese, Cambodians, Indians etc. are not referred to, nor considered as farangs. The proper, historical definition is white man and that is further confirmed when you hear Thais referring to black people with other terms, including 'f
  5. Apparently that didn't matter. There were plenty of folk on here supporting him, and plenty of local Thais also voted for his party which allowed his selection as PM at the head of a coalition government. We are now seeing the effects of such poor judgement.
  6. Standard of living in the West is considerably higher than in Thailand, for the majority.
  7. Careful management of the numbers now otherwise they won't be able to move forward with the reopening.
  8. They said they would shut the Phuket Sandbox down if they reached 90 cases. There have been 101 confirmed cases on Phuket over the last five days.
  9. So what is the point of vaccination then given that the vax is based on the alpha variant, especially the viral vector versions?
  10. They have big mafia in that province, can do what they want, as disgraceful as it is.
  11. You are obviously having a wobble on your bar-stool there as all industry sectors are very worried at the moment.
  12. 47% will remain in Thailand regardless of how bad it gets. That may not be up to you.
  13. Amazon is owned by PTT, the national oil company. Coffee shops are still allowed to open and Amazon are doing take away only.
  14. Another agricultural vehicle being driven as a sports car at illegal speeds and in a reckless manner by an unskilled and incompetent person.
  15. The black guy has been lifted and charged by Pattaya Plod. https://www.naewna.com/local/589863 He doesn't seem so tough now after a groveling apology. lol.
  16. The government face-loss over this will be gargantuan. This is what happens when the naughty children get admonished by responsible, mature adults.
  17. Patent nonsense. That may be true for the 30+ yo boilers that work farang bars and freelance online, but they are a minority on the whole and many girls that cater for local tastes are trafficked in from Laos, Myanmar and elsewhere. Many are underage too, as that is what that market demands. It's an unfortunate fact that many sex-tourists or sexpats conveniently ignore or refuse to admit, as it would cast shade on their own activities. "Thailand is a source, destination, and transit country for men, women, and children subjected to forced labour and sex traf
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