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  1. Also find a little odd... higher number is not always better From Google search.. the 7600 is technically faster, with a 5.1 GHz boost clock speed. This translates to better performance in both gaming and productivity. then the 8600G Mar 6, 2567
  2. Depends what website you use...... Advice online this Ryzen 5500GT has sold out.. I use the website form my nearest Advice store [Westgate] https://www.advice.co.th/branch-a012/index.php/product/productdetail/A0157702 has gone up a bit but is in stock.. 10,900 baht Look up your local Branch and maybe they have there own website and see what they have on offer... Have noticed in the past Advice Online have one price and the local branch is a bit more expensive for the same item, there again also noticed the price online is often a bit more expensive than going into there shop and buying.... At least for me Westgate have Advice and next door have JIB so can price compare 1st Both Advice and JIB do a 3 hour delivery service.
  3. Is the 5500GT really that expensive? Is the full Computer Set, NO software but that is not that difficult to install + 4,000 baht cheaper. 10,590 baht = https://www.advice.co.th/product/computer-set-amd/set-amd/คอมประกอบ-advice-computer-set-amd-a165-ryzen-5-5500gt-no-vga well respected Company ฿11,990 Direct from them https://ihavecpu.com/product/18534/mayd4-02-amd-ryzen-5-5500gt-3.6ghz-6c-12t-a520m-onboard-16gb-ddr4-3200mhz-m.2-256gb-550w-(80bronze)
  4. verge on trying to build one myself If you buy everything you need then many Computer places will assemble it for you... EG : I can buy everything I want at Advice they will then assemble it for between 300 and max 500 baht [for me getting to old, eyes not good + hands shakes] I have a Graphics card bought last year, have a much better CPU Cooler than stock also bought 4 month ago not used yet, they said no problem take it in they will add to the build.
  5. Software Makes little difference, easy to buy a Key and activate The real question how much was this Computer Set ? The CPU is still sold but is over 4 years old + a Zen 2 Value for money is the New this year Zen 3 2024 Ryzen 5 5500GT Set [Advice 9,900 baht] + other outlets some with different hardware, Ryzen 5 5500GT has 145% better value for money than Ryzen 5 4600G.
  6. I used to use for back up of important things DVD Disks = total 4.7 GB per disk So a SSD of 250 GB is great, take very little room in the desk draw + can store a lot as a back up I only have 1 small SSD spare and that has a Image of my OS - 'C' drive, so should anything go wrong in my PC can swap drives If you have things on your computer that you could never replace, then copy to a SSD and store some place .. just encase a drive fails you at least have a copy I am old = do not understand or use the cloud storage thing, I like to have backups within reach not floating around somewhere.
  7. That was not the point, I understand why from the main road to my Village is 7 km, there was major work, large pipes put underground with compartments in, so new water pipes were put in, so everyday for x amount of hours the water would go off this lasted for about a years. The point was Air appears to make the water meter work.
  8. I check a while ago.. YES Air make the meter run switched on the tap to fill the pond, nothing came out I left it on about 30 mins later still nothing so wondered if someone had turned the stop cock off so went out to see, the meter was flying round, yet no water so must have been air making the meter spin The Pond and garden hose connects direct, not to house/tank pump [turn the in line tap off to the house ] when using garden water so better pressure , so nothing was being used and no water = paying for Air
  9. if I remember it was 1.2xxx + had a big monitor 14" and came with a OS Windows 3.1, an Engineer changed the HDD to a big one back in the day and installed Windows 95, thought it could never get any better. Tiny Computers had gone out of Business 5 years later getting so used to everything in this day and age being TB job to remember MB/GB/TB sizes
  10. Did look but cannot justify paying ฿45,900.00 for a new one even a second hand one cost 20,000 + odd baht @ https://www.mac2hand.com/ + then try to learn to use it at my age. From what I could tell the M1 was the Intel version, discontinued long ago, there own 'ARM' CPU = M2 and M3 are far better and so is the price
  11. No a good friend worked for Fairchild so was given a box, i mean a box + tiny monitor on top, as for HDD ha ha was a 8" floppy + a book of code.. just messed about with it, forever getting the code wrong so odd things came up.. I did get a game to play took a long time + needed many big floppy disks just to play a game I bought from a shop AMD in 1995 came with HDD of 1.3 GB swapped it a year latter with then a Large HDD of 3.4 GB + had a normal 5" floppy disk, did not even have a land line so no internet back then How times have changed in only 30 odd years
  12. https://www.lazada.co.th/products/geekom-a5-mini-pc-amd-ryzen-7-5800h8c16t-up-to-44ghz-32gb-ddr4512gb-m2-pcie-nvme-ssd-vega-8-graphics-windows-11-pro-desktop-computer-support-8k-uhdwi-fi-6bluetooth-52usb-32-i4966208912.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.89.6028689dHHRPuO + points is in Thailand, + Ryzen 7 5800H has Vega 8 Graphics [H far better than a U CPU] Better is the Ryzen 7 7840HS or from China https://www.lazada.co.th/products/2023-genmachine-new-mini-pc-amd-ryzen-9-5900hx-windows-11-ddr4-3200mhz-832gb-ram-2562tb-nvme-ssd-8-cores-16-threads-bt52-wifi6-1080p-hd-display-mini-desktop-office-gaming-computer-mini-computer-i4951995026.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.25.19913d41EzbTLA
  13. Don't know anything about Intel.. 35 odd years Every PC and Laptops I've had were AMD
  14. Many thanks See some with 'Dual Gigabit Ethernet '
  15. Question about the Mini PC what is the direct connected Ethernet speed, I ask because on the TV box [Android 10] it is low 100 mbps max I have always got speeds of 960 - 980 Mpbs connection on my Desktop will I get this on a Mini PC ? Thinking about a Mini PC, AMD Ryzen 7 5800H or AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS, or stick with a New Desktop Ryzen 5 7600 or 8500 all around the same price range.? My AMD FX built just before the floods, is very old, needs replacing
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