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  1. Covid AY.4.2, is not just rising in the UK, read it is also raising in Poland, has been detected in Israel and the USA now have a number of cases
  2. That is hugely reduced amount, for about 30 years never drank less than 30 mugs of black coffee every day morning to bed time, now is just 5 in the mornings rest of day is lemon water or Mulberry water have trees in the garden
  3. Week Bix with fresh fruit and Milk = 1 x week, then 6 days a week have the same 2 x Chicken Puff warmed [cost 10 baht each at bakery so smaller then say Makro chicken puffs] + 5 Mugs of Black Coffee and a Yogurt.......... I enjoy + do not have a BS Spike
  4. Guess not but no idea. myself have severe allergic reaction to many med's since a child, so 70 years.... Think it is like everything in life, re BP the only reason it was changed was what I had been taking for 30 odd years was classed old, had 3 different Med's from 2015 all gave allergic reaction to me, took Amlodipine for almost 2 years + many scans and tests for the later 9 months........ now for past 1 year have been back on my [very old] meds and all a lot better, wheelchair and walking frame are upstairs unused.. walking sticks have 2 never use, have 1 with 3 legs rarely
  5. Had my Ultrasound on my Carotid arteries done at Chula Hospital Bangkok [Red Cross. Rama 4] Amlodipine after a lot of tests and scans was the main problem, my balance somewhat better but still walk with sticks = better than in the wheelchair
  6. Take my BP every morning sometimes evening as well....... severe allergic reaction to many Meds so put back on the very old Meds Atenolol/Prenolol 25mg every morning [have some 50 mg] + Enaril 10 mg evenings + have some 20 mg.... have to take as per BP readings, mostly 25mg + 10mg, If to low then take non, or to high then take the higher dose [this morning reading 137/68 Pulse 55] Amlopine + other 'NEW' meds cannot take as have allergic reaction to them
  7. Dr put me on both vitamin B + D Vitamin B12 500 mg 3 x week + Vitamin B Complex 3x a day [B CO - ED] vitamin D it was low so Dr put me on 20,000 IU 1 x a week, for over 3 years in March this year Dr prescribed 2 x 20,000 IU 1x a week [said it would also help me not getting Covid] Dr said a shock dose 1 x per week was far better than a lower dose every day..
  8. https://www.singaporeair.com/flightsearch/calendarSearch.form BKK-SIN-LHR = THB 9,790
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