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  1. didn't even realize there was a TH Binance. Installed the regular Binance app years ago and the only KYC was Thai ID card + electric bill.
  2. My gut says pull the trigger around 85k but my sell button feels really itchy at 71k.
  3. There are plenty of AAA instruments out there that aren't US treasuries.
  4. the market took the news of the US gov liquidating some of their seized btc rather well yesterday.
  5. Where do ya'll think (guess) btc will top out this time around?
  6. Lots of money moving to TH (or through TH) judging by noticeable increase in Russian (sounding names anyway) P2P traders on Binance.
  7. As a Thai Chinese I can confirm this. It's not xenophobia though, it's just preference. Kind of like not wanting mustard on one's burger. We don't hate or fear the mustard. ????
  8. She'll be fine and most of us will still be sipping Chang no matter the outcome. Somchai might have to work two-three jobs though. 80% chance of him going out in a 100m dash gold store robbery.
  9. She can probably function and enjoy life with her docs misspelled.... her main possible issues are going to be when dealing with people who are to the letter in their precision/sticking to the rules (like say many Japanese civil servants or insurance claims people looking for a reason to nullify some policy or payout).
  10. Flew to Samui from UTP the other day.... the departures board was my flight in the afternoon and a flight to Dubai late in the evening. The airport staff and ATC there probably get to watch a lot of TikTok.
  11. If Blackrock can't get an ETF up that'll be quite a indicator for the US though.
  12. They are... and they will likely be just as *successful* as they are in keeping out illegal immigrants, reducing narcotics and alcohol consumption, etc. That's how you make something grow in America... have the gov't try to manage it.
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