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  1. Well, to their credit, they have refined the art, especially with the improving surgical/aesthetic/hormone therapy tech available to them. Even as a Thai (and thus should be able to easily differentiate), sometimes I am only 95% sure either way, some of it may be due to my own aging and deteriorating eyesight. At one point I was going to help develop a spectrum based point system (if she sits on your lap right away +1 pt., if you detect a scent that brings you back to your high school locker room days +1 pt., etc.; higher scores = 'you're more likely to be hanging out with a....') but got s
  2. At some point, most of the naysayers probably 'listen' to themselves and realise that they sound like someone who is trying to talk people out of using ATM cards or air travel. Just remember that it is still tech though. One day it'll be likely that we (or maybe the next generation) will be laughing at things like the "secure" 2,048 BIP39 word list. Can you believe that they thought it couldn't be cracked by my kid's ****** phone/communicator? When folks like Saylor say that they'll hold BTC (Defi's grandfather) for 100 years, I think in confidence many would admi
  3. Not spouse related but I can't recall the last time I heard of anyone (some single some not, none married to Americans) I know here not get approved for a US tourist visa, including during the Trump years. All of the 10 year variety it seems, is there no other kind? They don't do shorter time span visas?
  4. Triple vaxxed, but will not get another dose unless they (enough various countries where I want to go) enforce it via travel restrictions....for instance 'you must have been vaccinated within the last X-XX months for your vaccination cert. to be valid.'
  5. Not exactly free out of the gates, but definitely better than just a few weeks ago. Feeling really positive about all of this.
  6. VPN. And if you're going to be paranoid (or cautious), use an external drive. If the sticky rice hits that fan, just dispose of with a hammer... it was clearly just a bunch of holiday photos from a really bad vacation. Not me of course. I heard a couple of farangs talking about it.
  7. There will be a list surely, but you can likely assume that hotels that are currently SHA or AQ hotels (if you want to shop around before the official list comes out) because of their connections will still make use of those same connections to be one night PCR testing wait hotels.
  8. It's not quarantine because we changed the name. If it got us out of War War II war reparations, it'll be fine this time as well.
  9. Yeah, that's a pretty good first post. Not quite on par with the classic 'how much dowry is appropriate' first posts, but still good.
  10. Of course institutional players will manipulate the markets, that's their business. With a lot of cryptos it'll be even easier considering the relatively narrow floats involved.... not to mention how easily spooked (at least in the short term) the millennial/gen Z crypto base is in terms of price action.
  11. Plenty of shops are open now where you can exercise and only risk communicable diseases.
  12. ^yeah, that's pretty much all you need right there. The various Thai embassy websites are more like Banksy 'interpretations' of a what a consular website should be (let's randomly put what people need in different places with no uniform site design). As of today: Thai nationals just need an AQ booking and COE. Oh, be sure to negotiate with the AQ hotel you book at: specifically, that if they want your business, they have to agree to refund the difference if the quarantine rules change in your favor. When we flew in, the quarantine rule was reduced from 14 days to 10 days f
  13. More likely someone just playing stock games. I doubt Dhanin cares what the gossip is. They (the Chearavanonts) make an effort to maintain their heritage and have never hidden that. Pretty cool to be the #1 listing on Google when you search for your first name. Even the most powerful person in the world (Putin) can't do that.
  14. Yeah, it seems like just moving towards something like fingerprint + ID/passport would be more efficient and accurate.
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