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Business visa - Docs required ? Any recent info


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I have to travel to Myanmar for business next Month. I downloaded the application form from the Embassy website. But couldn't see any info regarding supporting docs.


I have.


UK Passport valid for a further 4 years

Passport photos - UK size

Letter of invitation from Myanmar company

Myanmar company registration document

Letter from my Company (Malaysian) stating they cover all costs etc

Flight itinerary/ booking


Apart from the fee is there anything else required ? Hoping I can do this in one day ?


Any info would be most reassuring :)

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Late reply, but for anyone reading, the above list will cover it




- copy of Myanmar company docs/registration

- copy of letter of invitation from Myanmar company

- 2 passport photos

- copy of passport (not always required)


If applying at a Myanmar Embassy:


- flight ticket/print out of travel (not always required)

- name of hotel (booking not required)


For Visa On Arrival:


- just the company docs and letter of invitation, show to airline staff at check in


For e-visa online application through the official Myanmar Govt site, PM me for details. The invitation letter needs to be worded in a particular way

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