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What is the meaning of thai word "thulet" ?


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15 minutes ago, 55Jay said:

My wife says it means "idiot".  Someone does something dumb/stupid, people will say this word.

That matches the context in which I've heard.

What do you think the rudeness level is.

For example idiot isn't as bad as penis head. Idiot about 7/10 and penis head about 8.5 . f wit would be close to 10.

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On 8/22/2018 at 12:28 PM, tgeezer said:

It means that the speaker doesn't approve of the thing they see or hear. If it sounds like 'too late' then as already stated, they are trying to say 'too rate' I expect.

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It's interesting to compare ทุเรศ  with หมั่นไส้

From what I can gather as tgeezer says, the speaker doesn't like what he sees or hears, a very low quality painting in an art gallery, a miserable performance by an English national team, whilst หมั่นไส้ may be used for behaviour we disapprove of- the boot licking lackey, the fake faith healer, the lying politician, etc.

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