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How to post political story/thread


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I am posting this here because I cannot post it elsewhere. 

How can one start a thread that is 'political'.


I accept that a political thread is not allowed in this 'home country' forum as per Ubon Joe statement - but how can I start one ? 

The 'world news' forum as stated by Ubon Joe as the place for political discussions and not this one, is totally controlled by TV - I am not allowed to post a story there.


So if I want to post a story and start a discussion about a political article/issue - where do I post it?


Or is what Joe said really meant to mean that members are not allowed to post political threads.

OK by me if that is the case - not hapopy about it but will accept that - I am just confused as to how/where I can post a political story/thread.


PS - I have sent several messages and requests - no replies.





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