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Thai Customs Department targets online shopping


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2 hours ago, fxe1200 said:

 That is correct. I ordered a an IP-camera in a bag from China for 1700THB and the label stated" Baby -monitor, value $1"


But probably true regarding it's true value... how long did it last???


What really bugs me regarding Ebay I order something that is from a UK address and it arrives late with a customs deceleration attached. 

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On 8/23/2018 at 2:55 PM, webfact said:

The department also found many shoppers illegally bought marijuana from the United States after many states legalised consumption of the drug, he said.


Good idea !!!



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On 8/23/2018 at 5:59 PM, CGW said:

Most of the goods I buy come from on-line shopping, cheaper, easier and far more choice. If the goods are less than~$80 they will never tax them, goods over that value its hit and miss, the more expensive postage you pay for from overseas the more chance you have of paying taxes, even with taxes the goods work out far cheaper than buying "local" the cartels have the local market well under their control!

Never use DHL, you will pay taxes every-time, they have some sort of deal going with customs, use UPS at your peril, though not as bad as DHL. Best is USPS parcel post, rarely do they bother to tax, the more expensive options they do tax more often than not. Royal mail from the UK is another they rarely bother to tax.

Using the cheaper rated post services is far more cost effective, my success rate has been 99%, even with the one parcel I have lost, money was refunded.


The deal is the same for ALL courriers companies.

They are allowed to deliver faster because they tax items on customs behalf.

The only reason why DHL is more of a problem is that it's the smallest company in most countries, so they have a lot of time to inspect and tax ALL parcels.





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22 hours ago, CGW said:

Agree, in reality the amount they allow is higher, I'm sure it all depends on the postage type, if you use postage with insurance you are giving them a value so it is processed in a different way at BKK airport. I try to get suppliers to post with no insurance, not all are willing as they may be responsible for losses, as I said i have only lost one parcel so this method has worked out far cheaper. As to the future? who knows but the shear volume of parcels arriving in Thailand, which is only going to increase, must be making them think they should be getting more revenue, thankfully Ali express and others have a fair bit of political clout, long may they reign! 


In the future ? nothing will change, because they will never have enough tax to check more than 5% of any parcels coming from abroad.

Only robots could do it but it's not really possible, at least not before a very very long time.





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