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A new dimension in Bangkok taxi travel - drive yourself!


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A new dimension in Bangkok taxi travel - drive yourself!



Picture: Thai Rath


A Thai man went on Facebook to relate his experience of a taxi ride in the capital.


When the driver got to the area of the Fortune Town intersection he said he was too tired to go on.


Santiphap Khunchanemee - after saying ironically that this story was a new dimension in taxi travel related the following conversation:


Driver: Nong! I just can't go on. I need to stop for a nap at the lights.

Me: Do you want me to drive?

Driver: I was hoping you were going to say that.

Me: Okeh...(Is this really happening to me) (I think to myself)


Got to the destination - it was 300 baht - paid in full.


Me: Phee! We're here! Are you OK to drive now?

Driver: Yes, I'm fine now. Thanks a lot.


Take care and drive safely. If you need to just have a lie down.


The post was widely shared on social media and reported on by Thai Rath. There was a video of the meter running up past 245 baht and pictures of the driver snoozing in the reclined passenger seat.


Source: Facebook

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-08-24
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I had to do this once when hiring a taxi from Pattaya to the airport.


Just outside Pattaya on the highway I noticed the driver already dozing of behind the wheel.


I asked him to stop, went out of the car, and ordered him to the back seat.


On arrival at the airport I had to wake him up.



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this way I can drive myself,argue about the fare with myself ,find my own ''lost wallet'' and return it too myself ..cutting out the middleman ..LIKE

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This happened to me about 25 years ago on two separate occasions when I arrived after 2:00 am at Don Mueang and hired a taxi to Pattaya.

Within 10 minutes of leaving the airport, the driver was slapping his own face and nodding off. I took out my Thai dictionary and said in my best Thai, "If you are tired, I can drive." Both times the driver pulled over within 2 minutes and signaled me into the driver's seat.  Both times the driver slept the entire way and I woke him up at my destination in Pattaya and paid the 800 baht.  In my heart of hearts, I felt blessed that I was given the opportunity to save my own life.


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I was in Buriram once waiting for a bus to BKK with 2 girls, i saw a BKK taxi and flagged him down, he agreed to take us to Sukhumvit road. We got as far as Nakhon Ratchasima stopped for gas, an when he got back from paying, gave me the keys and said here you drive. I drove all the way back to about to just north of BKK and he told me to stop, he took over and when we were near Sukhumvit, stopped the car told us to get out and left us in the middle of the expressway in a fork in the road. Another taxi picked us up and we finally got there. 



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