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The first ever chartered flight visa run from Surat Thani to Kota Bharu. Hassle free.

Jonathan Fairfield

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After more than 15 years of doing visa services for expats on Koh Samui, our company, known as HDVisa, is going a step forward in providing the first ever Visa Charter Flight from Suratthani to Kota Bharu.

It is also an opportunity to do many other things like diving, Mountain Safari, or visiting Kelantan, Malaysia.

But most important is, that the travel times to renew or apply for a visa have been cut. 

With our partner company in Kota Bharu, we make sure that all things run smooth and without any hassles.


A short overview of our HDTours Packages


The following is a list of our packages that are available immediately:


Border Bounces

Border Bounce by road. To re-enter Thailand without a legal visa (visa on arrival and visa free stamp) customers will need to arrive via plane at a Bangkok airport. Re-entry on the border crossings served by HDVisa is only possible with a valid visa in customers passport.


We offer the following border bounces:                   

  • One day Border Bounce to the Khuan Don Border in Satun. Duration about 12 hours from pier to pier. (Tour Code BBBKD) start at THB 1,860
  • Two-day Border Bounce to the Andaman Club in Ranong (Casino/Golf). (Tour Code BACUR) start at THB 6,410
  • Overnight Border Bounce by bus and plane. Duration about 16 hours from the pier in Donsak (Raja Ferry) to the airport in Suratthani (Tour Code BONBB) THB 5,650
  • And of course, we offer VIP BUS for private group up do 4 People hiring our service

FOR THE Van THB 10,000


Visa Tours

Due to issues in processing and controlling documents regarding validity and completeness we now require all documents being handed in to one of our offices 7 days before departure on the tour.


We offer the following visa tours:

  • Visa by plane from the Suratthani airport to the Suratthani airport. (Tour Code VURKB)
  • Start at THB 8,040
  • Visa by bus and plane from Donsak Raja Ferry Pier to Suratthani airport (Tour Code VDSKB) Airport, Start at THB 5,670
  • Visa by one-way flight. Only the journey to the consulate and the visa package is included. Customers travels back on their own. (Tour Code VURKB) start at THB 4,670
  • Flight only URT to KBR start at 3,260
  • Roundtrip from Suratthani to Koa Bharu start at 7,800
  • Flight from Kota Bharu to Suratthani start at THB 2,830
  • Visa by Mini Bus overnight drive (two drivers swap driving) every two hours. (Tour Code VMBKB) start at THB 4,670
  • We also offer a visa service package for individuals on location in Kota Bharu. (Tour Code VVDKB) start at THB 1,500



In addition to our visa packages, we offer tours for tourists

  • Tour to the Andaman Club in Ranong, Myanmar, (casino and golf). This trip can double as border bounce if you need a new entry stamp. All customers need a valid passport. Duration is two days and one night (Tour Code EACUR) start at THB 6,410
  • Tour to the Khao Sok National Park. Duration is two days and one night (Tour Code EKSSK) start at THB 7,070



For more information contact HD Visa

Website: https://hdvisa-thailand.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hdvisa/

Phone: (077) 420 747



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