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Easiest,quickest and best immigration to extend visa


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I have a 60 day tourist visa atm but might wanne extend it one more month in mid oktober. Any tip for best place to do this regarding to efficiency, customer  service, price etc? I will be in Pattaya area attve moment


best regards


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3 hours ago, Carib said:

Go to the local immigration office, extensions are 30 days and will cost 1900 Baht. 

The rate for a company to do it is 3k i go to meenarat soi post office 3k now all you need is a photo and sign 2 bit of paper there all the same bacically its an easy task.


If you do it yourself its 1900 as above+ paper work, travel to jontiem photocopying. Not to scare you but if you not in a hotel or guesthouse make sure you have been registered with a TM30 or you may be fined 2k extra.

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