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Travelling on two passports

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Asking for a Thai friend's Farang friend.


He has entered Thailand five times this year at Suvarnabhumi airport on visa exempt and stayed close to 30 days every time and was told to get a visa for his next entry. Said person is a digital nomad, i.e. working on the internet from Thailand (no work permit).


Said person has two passports from first world countries. Would it work to use the other passport for his next entry? I know that when you get a new passport immigration links it to your previous passport, but how about passports from different countries? Are they linked to the same person?

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They could be linked, so this would not be the best strategy.


The first step in his solution is to enter using a Tourist Visa obtained from a consulate abroad, and carry 20K Baht cash to show (if asked to show it).  Very few people are refused-entry with a Tourist Visa plus the cash to show - even at the entry-points with the most problems, which includes both Bangkok airports, though a few have been.


If he wants to ensure he will not have a problem entering with a Tourist Visa, he can enter via any land-border crossing other than the Poipet/Aranyaprathet land-border crossing.  We have no reports for years of people with a Tourist Visa and 20K Baht cash to show being denied entry entering by land (except Poipet).


If coming from further away, flying to Vientiane or Penang can get one close to a safe land-border.  After entering Thailand, they can then take a domestic flight to their final destination in the country.

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