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Passpor Photo - Good Quality in Pattaya ?

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I just went down to Soi Post Office in Pattaya to get my photos for the

renewal of my 10 year UK passport.


I have seen the rules about the size etc... on the UK.GOV website.


This place did not seem to know what I was talking about when I asked

them if their pictures conformed to these rules.


Is there a place in Pattaya you could recommend that does definitely

provide paspport sized photos that conform to these rules?


Thanks for your help



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Maybe try this one, if still open:



On Nerm Plab Wan (East Pattaya) try the Kodak shop opposite the fuel station about 800m from railway line on left hand side headed away from Sukhumvit Road direction.


Also, any Kodak shops should be OK.

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Thanks for the reply dabhand.

I will go down there tomorrow.

I think the place I went to today had a Kodak sign outside.

Maybe he would have been OK - I just wasn't sure.




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I highly recommend a fellow I've used for years who has a shop  directly across the street from Avenue Mall.     

He speaks excellent English, does work quickly and has very very reasonable prices.    There's a Kodak sigh in the front of his building.

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Watcharacters thanks for the reply. I am going into Pattaya today or tomorrow

and will try one these places. It seems the Kodak sign is the key to their

quality. Thanks again.


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