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Buying a Used Car in Banchang


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Thinking about buying a used car with deposit / finance. I went down to Toyota Sure in Rayong on Sunday but unfortunately it was closed. I like the idea of buying one from a main dealer rather than one of the used car dealers scattered along Sukhumvit.


Anyway, does anyone have experience of buying used cars through Toyota Sure? Also, are there any other used car dealers actually run by, or with a connection to, the manufacturer (Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, etc).


Thanks in advance

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You probably can't go too far wrong with Toyota, just about every mechanic in Thailand knows how to service them. The 1.5 litre motor common to the smaller cars seems to be unbreakable. As does the 3 litre diesel.

I bought a secondhand Toyota Vios with 83,000 km on the odometer. So far, it's done 60,000 km with me without missing a beat, just regular servicing.

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