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Mangrove forests, Clearing along Koh Kong beach raises eyebrows


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Concerns have been raised over the clearing of mangrove forests along Bak Khlong beach in Koh Kong province’s Mondul Seima district as land prices in the area increase.


Bak Khlong commune chief Eav Kosorl told The Post on Monday that land titles existed for areas along the beach and mangrove forests, so people had a right to sell or clear the land if they own it.


“Land in the area was given to people by former commune chiefs. So if they have the titles, people in those areas can clear or sell it,” he said.


read more https://www.phnompenhpost.com/national/clearing-along-koh-kong-beach-raises-eyebrows

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Let them reclaim, sell , build or whatever.. in 50 years time it will be washed away...

Mangrove plantations serve as a beachfront saviour.. but apparently not from the profiteers!

Mother nature will reap the last reward..

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