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Hello. Trying to locate antidepressant, Citalopram, on Koh Samui

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I am staying on the island longer than expected and need a refill of CITALOPRAM.  I looked in Bangkok, and they only had Escitalopram (which I thought was the same, but have since learned is not).


Any suggestions?  Many many thanks!

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This is difficult, as there does not appear to be any brand licensed for import into Thailand nor is it made here. The drug generically is approved for use, though, so it is possible that some of the larger international hospitals have brought it in (if so will be quite costly). I doubt a government hospital would have it.

However escitapralom (Lexapro) is here, and does not require a prescription. (expensive though). While not totally identicval, the two are closely related chemically and there is a good chance that if one works well for you so would the other.

if you really need exactly citaprloam, and are uop for some short trips in the region, there are some options as follows:

It's available in Singapore (brand name Cipram) but prescription only, although I doubt you'd have any trouble getting a script if you show your UK one. So depending on your plans, might consider a short trip there.

You can probably (I would say 80-85% sure) find it in Cambodia, if it is there it will be OTC and no prescription needed. I suggest you invest in a few phone calls to these pharmacies, speak slowly and be patient and you'll get an English speaker, best to spell out the name of the drug and try asking both as Cipram and as the generic Citalopram:

1. Pharmacie Le Gare (855) 23-430-205 or (855) 12-805-908 (mobile) or (855) 16-805-908

2. U Care Pharmacy (855) 23-222-399/ (855) 23-222-099 / (855) 23-222-299 / (855) - 23 - 222-499

(these are all different branches of the same chain)

3. PharmLink (855) 23 215 727 / (855) 23 214 126 / (855) 23 214 727 / Tel: (855) 23 726 186

(likewise, branches of the same chain)

The above are all reliable pharmacies with "real" pharmacists on staff (not always the case in Cambodia!).

you can also try emailing Pharmacie de la Gare, not sure how good they are at answering:

[email protected]

Or email Pharmlink, the head office email is [email protected]

Cheap airfares to Cambodia but not during the New year, if you don't have enough supply to last you through to the end of next week then Singapore is a better idea.



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"citalopram is off market in Thailand" (reply from Sheryl in a previous thread thaivisa dec 13 2017) i further quote "An available drug in the same chemical family is Escitalopram, brand names Lexapor (imported, expensive) ,  Esidep and Esopam (both locally made generic equivalents)."
my advise would be to check with Bangkok Hospital Samui.


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