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Exit Visa dates

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I want to apply for an exit visa for a trip in December.  I haven't bought any flight tickets yet.  But I've got to go to Chaeng Wattana anyway in a day or two (for my 90 day report-in).


When I fill-in the form - how crucial is it that my departure and return dates on the form tally with the dates I ACTUALLY travel?  I read a comment on another topic that suggested they don't need to be exact.


If I do need to be exact?... Has anyone got their exit visa from the Airport on the way out?... How much is it?  How long does it take to process?  Anything I need to know?

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Thailand does not have exit visas. You do not need anything to leave the country from immigration.

I assume you may be asking about re-entry permit to keep your permit to stay valid when you enter the country after a trip out of the country.

The dates on a TM8 application can be any date you want to put as long as the return is before your permit to stay ends.

There are no dates on a re-entry permit stamp other than the date of issue and expiration.

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To answer your final questions.


The cost at the airport is the same as at your local Immigration, 1,000 baht.


I got a re-entry permit at Suvarnabhumi last month. I took with me a completed Form TM8 and a photo. It took about 15 minutes. There were just 2 people ahead of me in the queue.

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