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Ya Ba on open sale - wall graffiti advertises 80 baht per tablet


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Ya Ba on open sale - wall graffiti advertises 80 baht per tablet



Picture: Sanook


Concerned residents in a Muslim neighborhood in Mae Sot, Tak in Thailand north west called in Sanook reporters to investigate drug dealing in their area. 


They said that the authorities were doing nothing and that Burmese youth were selling Ya Ba and ganja openly. 


So openly in fact that a sign on a wall outside two run down houses advertises "WY" Ya Ba at 80 baht a tablet.


Sanook went there and saw it was true -  three or four dealers were operating all night. 


But it was too dangerous to take pictures even for these intrepid reporters. 


They said it was a Muslim area near a mosque and called on the police to act. 


Source: Sanook

-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2018-10-10
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This has serious crime  written all over the report;

1. Alleged Burmese dealers and;

2. Located "near' a mosque.


I am curious. The immigration department has the manpower and time to hunt down people who complain about noise levels, yet is unable to keep an eye on certain obvious foreign criminals? Yaba sales occur  in every district and at every mall, including majority Buddhist districts and in proximity to  wats (and sometimes even at a wat), and yet a location that is in a "muslim area and near a mosque" draws special mention that it is a muslim area and near a mosque.


Unfortunately, I feel that the  people writing the story are at best allowing perosnal prejudice to influence their writing and at worse are trying to manipulate readers.  I have the impression someone is looking to cause a bit of hardship for some Rohingya.

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The YaBa problem has long been out of control in Thailand!

We have relatives in rural Thailand who when farming in the fields are often approached by youths driving around on motorcycles to see if they want to buy Yaba at 70 baht a tablet!

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if we draw parallels to computer law regarding forums, the owner of the wall is officially the "publisher" and should be prosecuted if he doesn't take action within 24h of gaining knowledge of the graffiti's existence.

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