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Visa run and SETV in ho chi Minh

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Hi, I'm in Thailand with a METV and in December i have to do my last trip outside the country before my visa expires, so to get my last 60+30 days. And my filipino girlfriend has to apply for a SETV in a neighbor country. So we would like to go to Vietnam to ho chi Minh.

Because on my passport i already have 5 SETV between January 2016 and May 2017, then i was 1 year in my country and I'm here with a METV. Instead for my girlfriend it will be her fifth SETV, (4 SETV in Manila between May 2016 and May 2017) but she has a new passport.

I'm worried that they can block me or her at the airport. I red many people reported that they were blocked.

So I would like to ask :

1) if it's better to fly from and to Suvarnabhumi airport or Don muang airport,

2) if it's better to renew my passport,

3) if it can be hard for her to get SETV: what do thai embassy exactly mean about financial proof? 

Many thanks.



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