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Half year visa

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applied for a half year tourist visa with multipe entries but it was not aproved at first - at embassy (in Europe) they told that I been to many times, and have to show more evidence that I have companies, money in my country. (At first I show bank statement about 250K THB.)


I can do this, so i just ask some informations if this happens to anyone, or if its a normal issue, or its a bad sign for future? 😄 Usually spend 2-3 times 2-3 month in TH, now first time that I applied for a half year visa.


Another question: if they reject then still can go for 30 days (for this period I dont need visa)?

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Issuance of the METV (you call 1/2 year) Visa is more strict than a single-entry (SETV) Tourist Visa.  For the METV, not only are there higher money-proof amounts, with evidence an account has been above the minimum-threshold for months, but many consulates also require you to prove you have ongoing-employment. 


If you have over 20K Baht worth of money to show in an bank-account you can get likely the SETV without issue.  If applying in France, you may have to be out of Thailand 90-days before you can apply, but I don't recall reports of any other Euro countries requiring this "time out" period.

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Thanks for the reply.

Now i send more documents to them: prove about that I own 2 companies, and evidence about 1.400.000 THB.

Lets see if this will be enough. I just surprised because of this experience. (About this time out period - i read about this earlier, asked embassy staff if this matters at me - they told, no.)

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