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Marriage Visa

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We are STUCK. Searched for weeks for the answers and nobody seems to know and I can’t find anything in these forums. 


Current: US citizen married to Thai in the US. We are moving to Thailand and are trying to acquire a marriage visa. We are not married in Thailand right now. 


1. Do we have to be in Thailand to receive a Thai marriage license?


2. If not, what next?


We have a certified copy of our US marriage license from the issuing county, and we sent it off to the Sec. of State to be verified. 


Now every place we call has different answers on how to move forward.


At this point is it possible to obtain a marriage visa from the US, or do I apply for another visa, get to Thailand, get married, then apply for a marriage visa while in Thailand?



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 You probably could not find any info because there is no such thing as marriage visa. Try searching "extension to stay based on marriage Thailand" 


 I am also a US citizen (does not make any difference where you are from) married to a Thai. I don't have the visa you mention because I don't need one yet, Others who know more about this will chime in soon with details but let me just say this.

 There is no such thing as Marriage Visa, You come to Thailand with a non immigrant visa and and then you file an extension to stay based on marriage. I assume  your marriage will have to be registered in Thailand so that you can prove you are married, But I dont know that for a fact, perhaps a certified translated marriage certificate from the US is adequate.

  This is what you will need when you get here.


Application form T.M. 7

1 photograph (4x6cm)

Copy of passport, especially Non-Immigrant visa and TM6 arrival/departure card

Visa extension fee 1900 THB

Copy of your marriage certificate (if married in another country, a letter of evidence is required from your embassy as well)

Copy of Kor Ror 2 (marriage registration or long tabian) from amphoe office, dated not older than 6 months from issue of copy

Children’s birth certificates (if applicable)

Copy of spouse’s house registration

Copy of spouse’s identity card

Proof of combined income of 40,000THB or over for the previous 3 months (income tax records PDN1. forms, pension documentation, proof of income through investments, work permit, etc.


Good luck, 

  PS: you will probably need some pictures at your home with your wife, but dont sweat it, Thousands of expats do the extension every year and as understand it it is a fairly easy process. 

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If you are married in USA you are just as married here in Thailand and can not get married again without a divorce.  You can obtain a non immigrant O visa from a Thai Consulate in USA which allows 90 day stay in Thailand with your US proof of marriage and her proof of being Thai.  In Thailand, if you want to extend using TM7 on yearly basis you will need to register your foreign marriage paperwork here (it is not a Thai marriage) - or you can also stay here using 90 day visa entries (if unable to satisfy financial requirements or if you travel often are main reasons).

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Yes you must be married legally in Thailand, which is being done at the local amphue-office (or not - saw Lopburi said otherwise, I am not sure, I thought I was). Than after that, you can proceed with applying for an extension of stay based on marriage...


You need to prove you earn 400.000 baht yearly which has to be proven via you embassy ion Bangkok or consulates  here in Thailand OR deposit of 400.000 into a thai bank account inyour own name (not shared account)...


The rest information will soon appear here in this thread so keep you etes open and good luck, You are on the right track now my friend.



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You do not need to be married in Thailand to apply for a non-o visa at a embassy or consulate in the US. Your US marriage certificate will be accepted to apply for it.

To apply for an extension of stay based upon marriage at immigration you will need to register your foreign marriage at an Amphoe to get a Kor Ror 22 marriage registry. Since you have already have had your marriage certificate legalized in the US that is one step out of the way. After arriving here you would have to have your marriage certificate translated to Thai and have the translation certified by the Consular Affairs Department of the MFA in Bangkok.

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