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Contagious stray kitten (Chiang Mai)


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New to Thai Visa here.  We live in Chiang Mai.  I helped a friend with a stray kitten she found.  We had hoped it was just a bad case of worms.  The kitten is gorgeous, possibly Himalayan and I planned to find an adoptive family for her once we cleaned her up.  After a visit to the vet and a hefty bill, all symptoms point to FIP, caused by the coronavirus, including a distended belly that had to be drained.  However, our vet does not want to assume the worst yet because the kitten seems so strong, vocal, eating well, and willing to live.  And because she does not like to euthanize.  This kitten cannot go back on the street because she is likely contagious.  We cannot keep her because we have a cat who could contract the virus.  As I understand it, the rescues here will not accept a contagious animal.  The only solution I can imagine is for someone who does not have cats to foster/adopt her until she either recovers or dies.  My question is:  Are there vets in Chiang Mai who will put very sick animals to sleep?  If yes, could you give me a location please?

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