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Looking for part time maid in Bangkok

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I am looking for a part time maid, (Monday to Friday 1.00 pm to 5.30 pm), in the Bangkok Sathorn area with some English language skill, to understand basic instruction on job requirements. Have interviewed 2 so far, one a possibility. There have been 5 candidates, but 2 dropped out before they came to an appointment, and one is a Filipina with no WP.


Will pay around 9k per month.

Cleaning, ironing to a high standard for two adults. No cooking, no children, no pets.


Any interested please advise, including by PM.


Many thanks.

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I have taken on a part time Thai maid who is excellent and is looking for a suplementary job - mornings - in the Sathorn area. Speaks good English. PM me for details.

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