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Marriage Visa.. Work permit/owning a business.

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Hello all,


So I plan on heading back to Thailand with my wife in the next few years (3) and my wife and I are looking into opening a business when we get back.  Well not just "looking", actively planning. My question is: How does that work and with which kind of visa?  We were planning on going the marriage visa route, but as far as I can tell, that doesn't permit you to work in Thailand, let alone own a business.  So would I (we) go the business visa route and scrap the marriage visa, or my wife opens the business and I apply for a work permit?  Or???

It's a while away, but this just popped into my head and I'm confused.  Just curious if any of you are or were in a similar situation and how you went about it!



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You can get a work permit and work with a non-o visa or extension of stay based upon marriage. You can even use the income from working to meet the 40k baht income requirement for the one year extension of stay.

Only a work permit allows you to work.

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You can own a business with any kind of visa.


However, if you want to work for that business you need a work permit. To qualify for a work permit you need a Non ‘B’ or ‘O’ visa.


You’re right to go down the “marriage visa route”. Enter the country with a Non ‘O’ visa, and get a subsequent extension of stay (permit) as the spouse of a Thai. 


Being married to a Thai and a Non ‘O’ visa holder then entitles you to apply for a work permit.

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