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How to Convert a Non-Immigrant O Visa to a Long Term Annual Visa?

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Happy New Year to everyone reading this. I have been living in Thailand for the past 8 years on extensions of a retirement visa. This year I was in the US during the 45 day extension period for the retirement visa, so I could not renew that visa and it expired. I am married to a Thai citizen so I easily got a new Non-Imm O visa at the Thai consulate in Hawaii. I recently returned to Thailand on that visa which is good for 90 days. My question is-- what are my options and what are the steps to convert this 90 day O visa into an annual visa that can be extended? Can I get a retirement visa from Chaeng Wattana with the O Visa? Or can I only get a family/marriage visa? What are your suggestions? What are the requirements and steps needed? I need an annual or long term visa that is renewable.  Thanking all of you for your good advice.   

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You can apply for a one year extension of stay (it is not a visa) based upon retirement during the last 30 or 45 days of the 90 day entry from your non-o visa at your local immigration office. That would be Chaeng Wattana if living in Bangkok.

You will need 800k baht in a Thai bank for 60 days or proof of 65k baht income or a combination of the 2 totaling 800k baht.

It will be no different than applying for your previous extensions.

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