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Ipad and external storage


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Thank you for some help.


I have an older iPad around 6 years old. It has 30 pin connection requirement. I need an external (internal too expensive) flash drive of which there are many available but all fix to the new (not USB(C) iPad connection, namely lightning or micro or mini connector none of which can be considered the same as each other. I am confused as to what will actually connect and operate properly.


My option appears to be, having an adapter that fits into the 30 pin of my iPad and can then receive the flash drive with the correct (for me) connector at the other end. Plenty of these seem to be available but I am unable to determine which of the flash drives will actually fit and later actually work.

I have received no satisfaction from any computer shop or the Apple stores here in Lampang.


Lazada seems to be my best place to purchase the two items I will need but I lack the confidence to choose the right combination of adapter and flash drive. There is an Eenten USB flash drive with 128GB for B615 plus the adapter for about B300 of one sort or B500 for another. Lazada also of have many "sandisk" options at greater cost, none of which will fix to the 30 pin situation.


Anyone having the same problem or know enough to help me will be appreciated. Thank you


Link to possible best choice for me.  together with adapter https://www.lazada.co.th/products/eenten-usb-128-3in1-otg-ipad-ios-ios-android-gold-intl-i240575455-s368844060.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.11.256f56fdmqttNh&search=1



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Normaly you would save to the cloud with an iPad, if its pictures you could plug into a laptop and get them off that way.


There are an array of apps now that allow transfer through wifi, best of luck.



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I use a RAVpower "drive" to connect my iPad to a external drive.

Uses WiFi and works well.

Poor instruction manual but there are numerous You Tube vids to assist.



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