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Infectious diseases Doctor?


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HI there.

I´m looking for a recommendation for a doctor for infectious disease working at a clinic in Bangkok or other major city in the country.

I need a Doc who can come up with a good list of local bad s**t (virus and bacteria) that can then be screened for with a spinal tap in a local hospital.

Thank you for any advice you can offer me.



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There is hardly a Viral/Bacterial attack ocurring at the same time.
- Go to local Pharmacy and buy a Antibiotic 10 day treatement. No prescription needed at very little cost. (The same treatement would be recommended by your medical professor at any major Hospital at a high cost.)
If not cured after that, you may go talk to the Doctors at a reputable Hospital talking "Virus". Them knowing as much about virulent "Viruses" as you and your Uncle does. The only cure for Viral-Attacks is prior vaccination, regardless of what the Doctor says at the BKK-Pattaya Hospital.

- See your Pharmacy just around the corner and keep us posted. Your chances of survival are excellent.
If there is some "follow-up", this thread will end up in the "Health and Medicine" sub-forum.

Of course, the very fact that the OP uses the Handle of
"weedrunkglasgow" is somewhat self-explanatory, not giving much incentive to the resident TVF medical avisors to supply more medical advise.

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