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Contract Short Term Customer Sourcing Agent

John J Heath

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Our company is searching for someone who can research and document a customer data base for products (explain in detail later) produced from our business model which will be developed in 6 months. The individual will be looking for specific customers who will require the 3 main by-products generated from our company.


The specific Information we seek is:

1) Data base of potential buyers/purchasers of our by-products

2) Research/Cost analysis for the 3 by-products produced my our factory (Int. and local buy/sell prices worldwide of incoming raw material

3) local and international analysis of potential sales of by-products)

4) Sourcing of raw material for our plant (one specific material)


Will pay a flat rate per month for this compiled research. Data must be verifiable and accurate with names and contact information to be followed up at a near-later date (3rd trimester 2019). 


If you believe you can deliver what we are asking, please contact us for further information. A flat rate will be paid for data collected and verified at a rate of $500 for one month of work. 


Contact: John [email protected]

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