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Cheapest/Best Overnight hospital in Phuket


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Woke up today with my whole body aching from head to toe and worrying its either Dengue Fever or the other mosquito born diseases (cAcakuchau)


I am going to wait it out till tomorrow to see if its gets any better and then head to a hospital if it does not


Anyone have any ideas what the cheapest overnight hospital in Phuket is?


I have health insurance from work but for sure if its active yet because don't have a work permit



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If the health insurance for work that you refer to is Social Security, it does nto take effect until after you have been employed and making contributions.


The least expensive hospital would be one of the government hospitals, the only one of any size (and even that being pretty modest) is Vachira in Phuket town.


Of the private hospitals Mission would be the least expensive.


Do you have a fever? Are you able to keep fluids down?


If it is dengue treatment is paracetemol and fluids, and monitoring blood (platlet) count. Chikungunya same but no concern re platlets. Unless there is trouble maintaining hydration or platlet count starts to drop hospitalization is not necessary...though if you live alone and don't have anyone ab;e to stay and help look after you, might feel better being in a hospital.

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