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Renewing Work Permit for Volunteer (non-o)

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As I have to go trough all the papers. Everything was done and good.

Suddenly they required an extra document. Never had before and never asked before.

A 'new law' statement, needed was a form stating my income/salary/expenses.


Anyone had/know this?


(non-o visa, no marriage, no salary, no income)



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On 1/29/2019 at 1:28 AM, Christophers200 said:

Who is asking for this statement immigration or the department of employment? 

The DEP in Din Daeng.


The only change at the immigration I have had the last year was the need of an copy of ID from the employer/company head/boss/president.

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The law has changed in March 2018 by using an emergency decree. Since then, volunteers without an income do not require a work permit any longer. This means, you will not get a work permit if you do not derive any benefits from your voluntary work. Applications for work permits will be rejected (not everywhere; Chonburi, e.g., still works the old way). This happened to me last October. Obviously, the problem is that, without this work permit, Immigration will not extend your non-O voluntary visa, because that one still requires the work permit that Din Daeng refuses to give you.

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