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DLT on the look out for illegal migrant drivers


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DLT on the look out for illegal migrant drivers




TNews reported that the Department of Land Transport, soldiers and the police set up a roadblock in Chachoengsao yesterday. 


The main focus of the checkpoint was to check that migrant workers were not doing the driving of trucks contrary to what it said on their work permits. 


Despite previous reports it appears none were found to be taking Thai jobs. 


Sixteen other people were found to be breaking the law - three paid fines and 13 were issued with tickets. 


One man, in an effort to avoid sanction for not driving on the left, claimed he was a former army veteran.


He was told in no uncertain terms not to use that as a means to get out of trouble. 


However, it was not reported what actually happened to army veteran who was driving for Better World Transport Co. Ltd. 


The checkpoint was on Sirisothorn Road in the eastern central Thai province. 


Source: TNews



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To me ( as a in any country) the companies should be fined for hiring illegals for employment. No brainer they ( illegals) are paid below minimum wage & taken advantage of. 

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