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Sisaket school looking for a teacher


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Sisaket Rajabhat University Demonstration School requires a Pratom 1 & 2 teacher (students range in age from as low as 5 years old to a maximum of 8 years old. At this time the school is only looking for native speakers with degrees or some form of post graduate certificate.


We are a new and expanding school with excellent facilities, small class sizes (25 students or less), and abundant teaching materials and support. We have low contact hours (under 15 hrs/week) but do expect teachers to complete lesson plans and to be involved in school activities. The school will provide all documents required for the visa and work permit process and will reimburse teachers for the work permit fees (3,100 baht). Starting salary is from 37,000 to 40,000 per month depending on qualifications. For more information please message me.

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