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Virus panic! Thai "phee noi" back from South Korea visit Phuket and Phi Phi Island


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Virus panic! Thai "phee noi" back from South Korea visit Phuket and Phi Phi Island




Thai media said that locals on Koh Phi Phi were in panic mode after a woman posted on Facebook that she had checked at a hotel on the island after a visit to Phuket. 


She is one of the so called "phee noi" or little ghosts that are workers in South Korea returning to Thailand after severe outbreaks of the coronavirus in that country. 


"Chanakarn Chut-Ta"  had come from Incheon, been to Phuket and was pictured on Phi Phi. She said she had a scan and was not running a temperature. There was clearly no 14 day self-quarantine as has been requested. 


77kaoded quoted a former head of the island's tourism business community Watrapon Jantharo as saying that there was no record of the woman checking in at the place indicated in the post.


She may well have been a day tripper. Attempts to contact her had proved fruitless. 


A video on the 77kaoded site showed many tourists carrying on as normal around Phi Phi. Previous reports suggested that visitors to the island are all screened on arrival. 


Thaivisa notes that social media posts are increasingly causing panic regarding the spread of the coronavirus in Thailand. 


Earlier Thai media said that Chiang Mai was in panic mode after a woman arriving back from South Korea immediately went out on the town at a restaurant and pub.


Source: 77kaoded




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-03-06
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1 minute ago, NCC1701A said:



Thais returning from high-risk areas to face legal action if they don’t self-quarantine

I guess that's on a par with riding a mocy without a helmet!

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Can it really be expected that, having broken the law in South Korea, these ladies are not going to break the law in Thailand?

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Not every Thai is like these hookers, but not every Thai, is a Thai hooker.

This is the same as saying, that not all posters on this forum are bar flies.

Get my drift gentlemen and ladies?


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