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Pigeon Problem


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I have Pigeon problem on Condo balcony which has been vacant for several months, large pile up of Pigeon poo, a real mess, contacted cleaning companies and pest control but no one interested in the job.

What I need is for someone to go in there and clean up the mess and bird proof the balcony to keep the Pigeons off, obviously willing to pay fair amount for the work, anyone interested?

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It don't think there's a way to bird-proof the balcony except to seal off with cement and glass windows but some condos don't allow the owners to do that. You must check with condo management first.


If it is closed with grills, birds will always go through the holes.


As for the poo, you must find someone in Pattaya.... I know someone in CM who can do it but it's too far.

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