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Age of Consent in Thailand (Boys)


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Please help settle a hypothetical argument:


A Thai guy I know says that 15 is the legal age of consent.


I believe that 18 is the de facto AOC.


Points: Boys cannot prostitute until 20

If any type of rape or coercion or drug is involved, 15 is NOT the AOC

If a man is 40 and sleeps with a boy of 16, the age difference is too wide and, even if they are a loving couple, it is still open to complaint from parent.

If a man of 40 has a 16 y-o boy as BF and everything is happy and harmonious, and even the parents are fine...is this still an offence?

Before any homophobes read this they need to remember that the Age in UK is 16 (even if one man is 60). In Spain and Greece it used to be 13 (not sure now).


I always tell foreigners to play safe and stick to 18 or over. There are too many problems down the road if guys want boys 15-18.






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The law is the same for male and female


15 is the minimum age of consent i.e. always illegal to have sex with someone under the age of 15


Over 15 but under 18 it is a "compoundable offense" i.e. illegal if parents object. So yes, one might say that 18 is the real age of consent


Rape/coercion of any sort is illegal at all ages


Prostitution is illegal at all ages. There are extra legal penalties for sex with a prostitute who is under the age of 18.


As this thread borders on discussion of illegal activities it is closed.

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