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The new pandemic thrillers - too close for comfort?


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The new pandemic thrillers - too close for comfort?

By Clarisse Loughrey



In ‘Songbird’, Nico (KJ Apa) attempts to smuggle an infected person out of the city (STX Films)


Songbird, out now on demand, asks the question no one particularly wanted to hear: “What if things were worse than they are now?” Advertised as a sci-fi thriller, the Michael Bay-produced film takes place three years in the future, where Covid-19 has mutated into Covid-23 – a virus with a 56 per cent death rate.


The world is stuck in perpetual lockdown. Soldiers patrol the streets, ensuring that only the immune – all bearing government-issued yellow bracelets – can leave their quarantined abodes.


Full Story: https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/features/covid-cinema-songbird-b1790754.html

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