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Hill climb challenge in southern Issaan ?


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Anybody know anything about a hill climb course, similar to the Inthanon Challenge but smaller,  supposedly “about” 100kms from Ubon Ratchathani ? Some of the local cyclists asked me if I was interested in a trip to ride this course, but they were very vague about the details. All I could get for sure was that it’s 17kms long with 111 bends.

 I thought that if it was worth riding it would have a Strava segment but after searching the Strava website I cannot find anything like that within a worthwhile distance from Ubon, certainly not about 100kms away. I don’t really want to commit myself to an all day trip just to ride a piddling little hill !

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The only hill climb course I know of that is that long and winding is Phu Thap Boek in Phetchabun Province.

But it's more than 100km's from Ubon Ratchathani.


But if you're up for a challenge it's well worth a visit. I cycled up it with a few friends last year and it was tough.

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