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Thailand lures golf enthusiasts with 'dream quarantine' plan


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The fine print makes all the difference:

"Barker said that another drawback is that the golf quarantine only applies to those traveling from a limited number of countries. "There are only 55 countries on the list ... and that excludes most of the high-risk countries like the U.S. and 98% of Europe. Only those Asian nations like Japan, Hong Kong, [South] Korea, Vietnam and Singapore are on the list. That is kind of a challenge because many of our inquiries are coming from the U.S., Germany, Switzerland and others in Europe," he explained."

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Is it still going to cost 90,000 baht or more ??? (cheapest I’ve seen a Mita) for a room which is more basic than the cheapest 30,000 baht quarantine hotel rooms? - which makes it about 4000 baht for a round of golf each day. 


Also, a lot of the Golf Quarantine hotels were only accepting ‘block bookings’ for group arrivals on specific dates. 



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