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Thais flock to shrine of love ahead of Valentine's Day


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Thais flock to shrine of love ahead of Valentine's Day

By Jiraporn Kuhakan



People pray during a religious ceremony at Phra Trimurti shrine, the God of Love to wish for luck in searching for soulmates ahead of Valentine's Day at Bangkok's shopping district, Thailand, February 11, 2021. REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha


BANGKOK (Reuters) - Hundreds of single Thais attended a ceremony this week at a Hindu shrine in Bangkok to make offerings as they prayed to find that special someone, just days ahead of Valentine's Day.


Tucked beside one of the capital's biggest shopping malls, the Trimurti shrine to Hinduism's three most powerful gods has become famous in Thailand as a place people visit every Thursday in the quest to find love.But this week's crowd, mainly young people of all genders, was larger than usual as the timing also coincided with an auspicious alignment of the stars.


"I came here often and got a lover before, but we broke up, so I'm here to ask for a new one," said Thanyathron Sae-aeng, 23.


The ceremony began with a blast of sound from a conch shell by a Brahmin priest at 7.39 p.m. (1139 GMT), a timing also considered auspicious.


"I want to meet a person who is good, kind and (find) a love that's long-lasting," said Apimuk Wichasorn, 29, stressing that any relationship should also be fun and free of pressure.


Many in the crowd wearing face masks held offerings of roses, candles, incense sticks and soda bottles, all in hues of red.


"It will be great if I can find love before Valentine's Day, but if not, it's also fine," said 25-year-old Suthida Panlalak, who said she sought a truthful partner who could love her the way she is.


(Writing by Ed Davies; Editing by Clarence Fernandez)



-- © Copyright Reuters 2021-02-12
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On 2/12/2021 at 8:24 AM, webfact said:

Thais flock to shrine of love ahead of Valentine's Day


with a view to getting on the nest at the end of it .. 

As boy squirrel said to girl squirrel 

" I'm nuts about you " ..

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note to self... remember to prowl around that area at that time next year..... go say hello to a few cute girls after they come off the prayer line... "I dont know why, but I just got an impulse to come talk to you"...


with the thais' superstition and belief in good luck, she will think her prayer was answered...

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