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Thailand Elite COE and health insurance

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I hope some Thailand Elite visa holders who have already entered Thailand can help me with the following question.


A Thailand Elite visa is valid for 1 year and can be extended several times.


When entering Thailand a health insurance with COVID coverage is required for the period of stay. I guess in theory this means a Thailand Elite visa holder might have to pay for a 1 year COVID health insurance which is around 30.000+ THB.


I currently already have health insurance that would cover probably more than what just a COVID health insurance would pay for. My health insurance is from LUMA (which has an office in Thailand) through Pacific Cross.


I feel my health insurance should be fine, but I would like to be 100% sure. Alternatively I'd be happy to buy a 30-day COVID insurance from any company (~3000 THB), but I really don't want to pay a 1-year health insurance that only covers COVID related stuff and excludes pretty much everything else at a crazy premium of 30.000+ THB a year when my current health insurance should already cover everything related to COVID and stuff like cancer, HIV, accidents, etc...


My current plan is the 3rd one (with a 81.875 THB deductible, meaning the first 81.875 THB in a year I pay by myself, before April steps in paying anything above).




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