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Phuket environment officers dismiss light haze, ‘air quality still good’


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Phuket environment officers dismiss light haze, ‘air quality still good’

By The Phuket News



The air-quality reading for Phuket earlier today. Image: aqicn.org


PHUKET: An environmental expert at the Environmental Department’s Region 15 office in Phuket has again advised all people to not worry about the haze over the island today (Feb 17), saying that the air quality “is not at a harmful level”.


The Air Pollution Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI) this morning posted a PM2.5 reading for Phuket of 109.


The reading is posted based on data provided by the Division of Air Quality Data of the Air Quality and Noise Management Bureau, which operates under Thailand’s Pollution Control Department.


Full story: https://www.thephuketnews.com/phuket-environment-officers-dismiss-light-haze-air-quality-still-good-79048.php



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With that attitude, there's not much hope of any governmental action, is there? And air pollution is a multi-faceted, complex problem, that needs action across many areas. Pubic awareness of burning, farming, negotiating with neighboring countries, car and motorcycle manufacturing...


It's a job only a competent government could make real progress on.

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