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Marry a Thai "girl".


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I have been living in Thailand more than 2 decades, and have meet a lot of foreigners in these years.

One thing that I saw many times (and it happened again a few weeks ago) is the following scenario.

A foreigner visits Thailand and meet a girl.

Mostly a girl who could be his youngest daughter.

After a few weeks/months they marry and they have 1 or more children.

The foreigner gets free sex (not only from his wife), a free housemaid, free Thai lessons, etc.

In exchange, the foreigner buys a house, a car, and gives the girl a good life (ok, not all foreigners do that).

The foreigner, who is in his "walking dead" age dies one day and the problems start.

The girl is mostly too young to be entitled to a "widow pension".
The girl is left with HUGE hospital and funeral bills.
The girl doesn't have a clue about how to handle the decease of the foreigner at the Embassy and by the authorities in his country.
The girl is by that time too old to get a decent job and feed herself and her children.

I am not generalising and there are surely foreigners who did think of all these things.

But sadly, most of the foreigners I know and who married a Thai girl left the girl and sometimes her family in big distress because they saw their final years trough "pin" tinted glasses.

In my country, we use to say: "think before you leap".

But I admit that it is difficult to think clear when you think with your d..k.

End of rant

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Just as well that you have ended your post with 'end of rant' i was about to ask what was the point of the post stating well known scenarios not only in Thailand but in other countries where older men marries younger locals...

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