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Thais evacuated as fighting continues along Myanmar border


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Mae Hong Son (NNT) - Thai villagers by the Thailand-Myanmar border in Mae Hong Son have again been evacuated as fighting between the KNU and Myanmar military continues near the border.


Around 70 villagers of Baan Tha Ta Fung by the Thailand-Myanmar border in Mae Sariang district of Mae Hong Son were the latest to be evacuated to a safer area, as fighting between the Karen National Union (KNU) and the Myanmar army continues on the Myanmar side of the border.


With most of the evacuees being children, women, and the elderly, the Commander of the 36th Ranger Forces Regiment’s special unit Col Smattachai Pangsai, ordered the civil affairs division to assist officials from the Mae Sariang District Office and Mae Yuam Subdistrict Municipality to carry out the evacuation, as well as deliver essential items to villagers still residing in the area.


An evacuation center has been set up at Huaykongkad School in Sop Moei district, with a mobile clinic on-site to perform health screening and provide medicine to evacuees. The army’s 36th Mobile Development Unit is also supplying drinking water at this shelter.


68 villagers from Myanmar have crossed Salaween River into Thailand as they flee the fighting. They are now settling in at Baan Tha Ta Fung in Mae Sariang district, designated as the intake area.


Thai officials have secured the area of Baan Mae Sam Laeb on the Thai border for greater security. Unauthorized persons are now prohibited from entering the village.


An assessment by Thai security agencies suggests the fighting on the Myanmar side of the border continues, with air raids and gunshots being heard continuously. Thai Ranger Forces stationed along the border are now monitoring the situation closely.



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3 hours ago, Happyman567 said:

A very dangerous regime in Burma.

Indeed, as there has been for about 7 decades now. It is just incredible how the world has more or less ignored the brutality of consecutive regimes there for so long. When you read how the army operates to ‘pacify’ parts of the country that’s just horrible, reminds me a lot of how ruthlessly the Japanese army operated in WWII when they occupied most of east and south-east Asia.

I spent some time in that border area in the 80’s and sometimes you could hear the Burmese army’s artillery on the other side. Also talked to some refugees and heard the most horrific stories about what was happening in their country. And this has been going on for 70 years now, even when Suu Kyi was prime minister.

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The Burmese Army was trained by the Japs in WWII.  During their occupation the ethnic goups helped the Anglo-Indian Army and were mercilessly subjected to atrocities by the IJA (Imperial Jap Army) aided by the Burma Independence Army led by the murderer Aung San.  The Burmese civilians supported and assisted the Japs.  Just before the end of the war Aung San switched sides.  At the end of the War Independence for Burma was being discussed   Many expected the ethnic states to be each given independent statehood - particularly because they had supported the Anglo-Indian forces.  But Lord Mountbatten took a liking to Aung San and eventually Britain - to its eternal shame -  handed over the whole of British Burma  to the Burmese lock stock and barrel;  thus making life easy for Mountbatten (Vice-Roy of India)  whose only skill was in wearing pristine white uniforms bedecked with a multitude of medals and orders.  Look at the mess he made of the independence and partitioning of India !  After Independence Burma soon reverted to being ruled by those generals (eg Ne Win) trained by the Japs.  Suu Kyi is the daughter of her father - she pretends to favour democracy but actually want all the power for herself.  Clearly the generals didn't see it her way.  People in the West saw first hand the atrocities perpatrated on the Muslims of Arakan by the Burmese Army because it was all happening on the coast. Suu Kyi failed to condem this, but the west  continued to pretend that Suu Kyi was some kind of democratic godess.  But the West kept its head firmly in the sand when it comes to the Shan, Katchin and Karen etc peoples.   Things might change if (when) China no longer needs the route through Burma to the Indian Ocean and the west no longer needs oil and gas from Burma.  For the last 3 and a half decades the Burmese junta has survived on money from (mainly western) petroleum companies.

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